Flagship Programs

Public Procurement

We offer professional procurement consultation and support services to public procurement entities worldwide.To develop capability in applying various tools and techniques in procurement and contract management. Our training and consulting services will benefit those responsible for managing complex procurement and contracts that are high value and high risk.

Our training program is designed for our participants to develop further their understanding of procurement and contract management as well as audit and monitoring.


Sustainable Tourism and Development

IDI and its consultants have worked in sustainable tourism in several countries. Few notable works has been on accessible tourism, trail and development, climate finance, product development, destination development, job creation and engagement of women and marginalized population, heritage tourism and agro-tourism. It has worked on assignments funded by World Bank, IFC, GIZ and USAID,

Our travel and tourism consulting teams work with clients on a wide variety of topics, including sustainability, climate financing, destination development, comprehensive tourism planning, social impact, digital transformation and travel operations.

Banking Executive leadership program

This program is designed to give our participants, the business and leadership skills to add value to their institution and optimize their potential. Our Banking Executive Leadership Program is to develop the Alabama banking industry’s next generation of promising leaders. The wide range of programs is designed for the COs, Board of Directors, and mid-to senior-level banking professionals. We also have a flagship program for newly hired or promoted young banking professionals. This program will equip our participants to handle the challenges of moving into new and more complex leadership roles.

Education Leadership Program

Our globally known education team works to advance all aspects of student learning and well-being by building the capacity of educators and educational institutions to achieve student success.

Banking Leadership Program

Women Executive Leadership Program



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