IDI aspires to play a role in helping to achieve SDG 4 and other education goals, with a focus on South Asia and Africa (two regions with lowest learning outcomes) through strong research, policy and advocacy and capacity building/ training.
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IDI works to build the capacity of financial institutions such as banks and cooperatives so they are better able to provide vital financial services to a wide range of citizens/ customers across the country.
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We provide our clients with a range of innovative services including need assessment, training, market insight, strategic planning, marketing, destination development, experience development, storytelling and customer services.
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IDI helps leaders develop a deeper understanding in the field of economic development, human development, and governance. It offers a strong network of researchers and practitioners to help in decision making on critical management and policy issues.
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IDI has developed and delivers high quality capacity building programs in these areas for local, state, federal and regional level.
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About IDI

International Development Institute (IDI), headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, is a leading training and capacity building provider. IDI works closely with public and private clients in assessing their institutional needs and in developing programs to address them. In over 15 years of existence, IDI has trained thousands of participants from around the world.

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Our Vision

IDI’s vision is to produce and nurture effective global leaders of the future.

Our Mission

IDI’s mission is to become a world-class institution to produce effective leaders around the world by designing, developing and delivering highly relevant programs in research, learning and advocacy.

Our Projects

Public Procurement

We offer professional procurement consultation and support services to public procurement entities worldwide. Our world-class consultant team is well recognized for its knowledge, expertise, and leadership experience in the public

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Hospitality and tourism management

Our travel and tourism consulting teams work with clients on a wide variety of topics, including sustainability, climate financing, destination development, comprehensive tourism planning, social impact, digital transformation and travel operations.

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