Prof. Carl Levan

Advisor and Faculty- African Studies

Nancy Overholt

Faculty- HR & Leadership

Dr. Winnie LAnoix

Advisor and Faculty

Jim Rives

Advisor and Faculty

David Bulova

Faculty- Government Affairs

Jorge Claro

Faculty- Public Procurement

Ambassador (retd.) Charles A. Ray

Advisor and Faculty- Tourism and Hospitality

Layne Huttenberger

Faculty- Financial Institutions

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shakya

Faculty- Public Procurement

Simeon Sahaydachny

Faculty- Public Procurement

Kevin N. Green

Faculty- FinTech

Suman R Timsina

Executive Director and Faculty

Ameen Habibi

Director & Faculty- South, Central Asia and Middle East

Sidi Sanneh

Consultant & Faculty- Africa Programs

David Baxter

Senior Consultant- Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Matthew Uzukwu

Director and Faculty- Africa Programs

Kerin Hilker-Balkisson

Consultant and Faculty- STEM, Education and Executive Leadership

Ana M. Ferreras

Consultant and Faculty- STEM and Education

Sangya Gyawali

Grant Proposal, Data & Monitoring

Dr. Arun R. Joshi

Principal Consultant and Faculty- Learning & Development

Ovidiu Slimac

Regional Coordinator- Eastern Europe and Danube Region

Pankaj Pradhananga

Director and Faculty- Africa Programs

Laxmi Dutt Bhatta

Expert & Faculty- Environment and Climate Change

Dr. Roshan Sherchan

Expert & Consultant: Environment and Climate Change