Training and professional Development

Our training and professional development programs are designed to advance careers and add value professional development of people. IDI helps create an adaptive, flexible, and ready-for-change organization. At the International Development Institute, providing capacity-building training and allowing the employee to grow is the best long-term investment for the organization, bringing higher returns in investment and reward. IDI provides customized short-term and long-term training programs for corporate houses, organizations, and companies.
IDI also provides several certification programs in partnership with accredited institutions and over ten top-tier universities worldwide. Several of our training programs are certified and are designed in partnership with top-ranked universities in the USA.

Why Us?

Experts lead our programs from the USA and beyond. Our unique methodology is beyond assessment and training. We engage participants in active classroom discussions, activities, and workshops. We also provide a global network of professionals, mentoring and coaching.

Executive Programs

  • Leadership Program
    • Banking Executive Leadership
    • Education Management Leadership
    • Judiciary Leadership
    • Pharmaceutical Leadership
    • Port Authority Leadership
    • Women Executive Leadership
    • Youth leadership
  • Budgeting and fiscal management
  • Customer Service
  • Design Thinking
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
  • Negotiation
  • Product development
  • Public Finance
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Project Management
  • Public Procurement
  • Leadership and Critical Thinking

Our Team


  • David Bulova
  • Prof. Carl Levan
  • Ambassador Scott DeLisi
  • Prof. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer
  • Marshall Mays
  • Mayra Rodriguez Valladares
  • Michael edwards
  • Ana Ferraras
  • Nancy Overholt
  • John Heather
  • Dr. Rajesh Shakya
  • Anthony Amerson
  • And other

Our Experience

Banking Finance in Agri Business and Tourism

Past Experience in Market Research

Banking Finance in Agri Business and Tourism

IDI designed, developed and facilitated training to help develop banking finance products for agri-business and tourism in Nepal under the USAID Udhaym (Trade Competitiveness) Project. In addition to training, IDI also conducted a baseline survey and post-training evaluation and prepared a report with 24 months' recommendations for the project.

Supported by USAID

Learning Spaces for the Future

Past Experience in Market Research

Learning Spaces for the Future

IDI delivered a custom-designed training to the Department of Education in the Philippines in 2020-22. The training focused on understanding the pedagogical, technological, and socio-cultural considerations in planning future learning spaces, the observable characteristics of learning spaces embody the Science of Learning and new multiliteracies, teachers' engagement in creating regional models for future learning spaces and
effective preparation and monitoring of teachers in implementing regional models.

Sponsor: USAID/RTI

Credit Analysis

Past Experience in Market Research

Credit Analysis

IDI designed and delivered Credit Analysis Training (CAT) to Kuwait Investment Agency and CITI Bank to prepare participants to get into the role of credit analyst and be world-class financial analyst. The training focused on assessing credit and preparing credit applications for and successfully identifying and differentiating good loan vs bad loan and minimize risk and losses.

Sponsor: CITI Bank and Kuwait Investment Agency



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