Consulting Services

IDI Provides development consulting services to national and international clients. We collaborate with country partners and international development agencies to design and implement projects to promote sustainable, resilient societies. Our focus remains on facilitating inclusive growth and sustainability, alleviating poverty; supporting clean energy, and addressing educational, social and health care in developing countries.

IDI collaborates with development agencies, foundations, social enterprises, government and non-government entities and private sectors to implement and deliver international consulting services.
Our core team and consultants continue to provide capacity building, technical assistance, program evaluation, and knowledge management to our clients and partners. Our team brings proven experience, human resources, technology, and project management skills to work with a bilateral and multilateral development organization.

IDI’s consulting services are working at the forefront of global development. Our service delivers results across international development contexts. We partner with local organizations, research institutes, universities, and NGOs.

Our priority areas are:

  • Agribusiness
  • Climate Change and Tourism
  • Digitization
  • Economic Growth
  • Education
  • Gender, Equity and Social Inclusion
  • Climate Change
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Public Health
  • Public Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Public Sector Reform

Why US?

IDI offers global experience and local knowledge to help our clients succeed. With our global network of specialists and consultants, we help our clients and partners worldwide with capacity building, management and technical assistance, research, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and procurement assistance. We work on socio-economic development with national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations, and private foundations.

Our Clients

  • British Council
  • The World Bank
  • IFC
  • Ministry of Education, Philippines
  • Supreme Court of Nigeria
  • Port Authority of Nigeria
  • National Public Procurement Authority of Sierra Leone
  • Ministry of Education, Nepal

Our Team

IDI is led by its Managing Director and Executive Director. It is staffed with Country Coordinators, researchers, project managers, and an active pool of over 50 consultants and trainers worldwide.

Our Experience

Conectiv Cities: Tourism Recovery Efforts by Local Municipalities

Past Experience in Market Research

Conectiv Cities: Tourism Recovery Efforts by Local Municipalities

The objective of the proposed activity was to support municipal governments in selected countries to work towards the recovery of their tourism sectors. Using an online platform provided local authorities with the knowledge and networks to restart their visitor economies, with possible investments in infrastructure by leveraging the private sector and focusing on services that support sustainable destinations. We paid attention to maximizing economic inclusion for local communities, women, and SMEs while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and building resilience to the effects of climate change.
IDI prepared a team of enumerators and focus group leads in Nepal, Romania, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Uganda. A report was compiled and hosted online forums for local municipality officers to share their experiences.

Supported by GIZ

TVET Sector Analysis for Nepal- Baseline Survey

Past Experience in Market Research

TVET Sector Analysis for Nepal- Baseline Survey

IDI conducted data collection and analysis of the TVET supply side, underpinning the strategic TVET Sector Reform Plan (TSRP) drafting. The specific objective of the program was to strengthen and implement more effective policy in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector, responsive to labor market needs. The program piloted an integrated Public Private Partnership approach.
IDI's research team reviewed and analyzed the data and prepared the questionnaire and inception report. We trained and prepared many enumerators to conduct surveys in seven provinces in the remotely directed field survey. We collected the latest documents and statistical data, interviewed the parties concerned, hosted the provincial workshops to analyze the current situation and extracted the issues. The report was submitted to the Government of Nepal.

Supported by British Council

International School Award South Asia Evaluation Study

International School Award South Asia Evaluation Study

IDI designed, and developed a methodology, hired local enumerators, and hosted focus groups. IDI surveyed over 800 schools and interviewed principals, teachers, and students in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal to study the impact of international education. It completed data analysis and submitted a report.

IDI was tasked with developing methodology, collecting data, hosting focus groups, drafting a report, and submitting it to the British Council.

Supported by British Council



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