Grant & Project Management

IDI is dedicated to bringing highly specialized projects that are designed to cultivate long-term benefits for the target communities. To achieve this, we have created a streamlined system of grant and project management that allows us to identify and implement complex initiatives. Our team engages in strategic analysis that allows us to identify suitable grants and produce high-quality proposals that utilize expert input, grassroots data, and refined methodologies. After securing a grant, we employ a people-driven business model where we provide exceptional project leadership that is focused on transforming solutions into sustainable results for the target community. As part of our project management strategy, we implement technical monitoring and evaluation measures that allow us to ensure program accountability, gauge impact, and guarantee program effectiveness.

Why us?

  • Research Methodology
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data based Decisioning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership and Critical Thinking

What We Do

  • Analytical processes to identify suitable grants and produce high-quality proposals
  • Implement advance monitoring and evaluation measures to ensure program success
  • Utilize our network to bring highly qualified experts to a project.
  • Work with local communities during the project design, development, and implementation phases to create highly relevant and effective programs.

Our Team

  • Sakil Mallik
  • Deepak Adhikary
  • Bill Parante
  • Jay Malligan
  • Nwamaka Agbakoba
  • Nripa Devkota
  • Bisudhi Pradhananga

Our Experience

Framework for Education Development Index of Nepal, 2023

IDI organized comprehensive research and consulting for the development of the Education Development Index (EDI).The primary objective was to develop Nepal's education index, emphasizing equitable access, relevance, and quality of education. IDI's approach encompassed assessing educational development, identifying improvement areas, monitoring established mechanisms, and generating information for evidence-based policy formulation to enhance education quality, access, and equity. The program was supported by the Knowledge and Life-long Learning Skills (SKILLS) Program, UNDP, and with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST).

School Executive Leadership Project, Finland, 2023

IDI hosted the School Executive Leadership Program (SELP) for school administrators, principals, and policymakers to immerse themselves in the Finnish education system, one of the most successful in the world. The leadership program was conducted through school visits, meetings with educators, and observations of classrooms. Participants from various private school executives gained insights into the key factors contributing to Finland's success: its emphasis on equity, highly qualified teachers, student-centered learning, and a collaborative approach. The program equipped participants with valuable knowledge and skills to improve their schools or districts, inspiring them to change their educational institutions positively.

TVET Sector Reform Strategic Plan (2022-2031); Formulation phase and dissemination (TRSP), 2022

IDI and the Centre for Public Policy Dialogue (CPPD) collaborated with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) to develop a 10-year Technical and Vocational Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan (TSSP)- 2022-2031. IDI and CPPD engaged advisory committees, technical working committees, and subject specialists throughout the project to draft a TSSP. Regular meetings, dissemination, and provincial and central-level workshops with policymakers, ministries, industry representatives, and development partners of all seven provinces was conducted to identify issues in their prioritization areas, share the indicator-based sector analysis, and determine the vision, mission, goals, objectives, actions, and interventions for the TVET sector. The program was funded by the Dachyata Project, the British Council, and the European Union.



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