Research & assessment

IDI offers comprehensive market research services that provide critical information and data about the economic, social, and political landscape surrounding a project. Our unique methodologies allow our clients to gain a deep understanding of the context they are working in, how to best connect with the market, how to compete successfully, and their best next steps. Alongside the research process, IDI provides clients with comprehensive assessments of how the data produced in the research phase can be applied to their operational plans and priorities. Through the project research, development, and implementation phases, we assist clients in visualizing and realizing the impacts of their programs. Our team also utilizes technically advanced monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess the long-term impact of our clients’ research driven activities on the target communities. With our team’s advanced technical expertise in research and assessment, IDI has produced successful business solutions in the USA, South Asia, SouthEast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why us?

IDI can help to optimize your organization’s structure and decision-making. We work with clients to refine their business strategies and improve organizational performance. We can help institutions and organizations to improve their membership base and performance.

What We Do

  • Data Analysis
  • Refined data collection using the latest methodologies
  • Produce policy recommendations based on evidence and ground realities
  • Craft comprehensive business solutions for clients.

Our Team

  1. Mr. Paul Keiser (Lead), USA
  2. Mr. Abina Rotimi, Nigeria
  3. Ms. Nripa Devkota, Nepal



Status of Women in the Banking Sector across South Asia

Past Experience in Market Research

IDI, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and research partners, conducted a multi-country study on women's career progression in the financial services industry in South Asia, including Nepal. The study was conducted in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The study understood barriers, opportunities, and experiences to develop inclusive solutions for women's advancement into leadership positions.

Past Experiences

Nepal Tourism: Access to Finance and Green Recovery Project - 2022

Past Experience in Market Research

In 2022, IDI conducted a World Bank project to research and innovate financial solutions for Nepal's tourism sector. Through an extensive research process, including 20 FGDs, 15 KIIs, and interviews with key stakeholders, such as the CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board, provincial secretaries, mayors, and bankers, IDI assessed the impact of the pandemic on tourism. The project's main objective was to prepare a financial sector assessment report highlighting best practices of tourism’s small and medium enterprises and designing innovative financial solution frameworks to address the needs of the tourism ministry of micro, smalls and medium enterprises in high-potential market segments while also developing a green and inclusive roadmap for the sector.

Data collection and analysis of the supply side, underpinning the drafting of the strategic TVET Sector Reform Plan, Dakchyata Project, British Council-2021

Past Experience in Market Research

IDI and Centre for Public Policy Dialogue (CPPD) partnered with the British Council and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) to comprehensively survey Nepal's Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector, covering 850 schools and officials across seven provinces. Findings informed strong recommendations submitted to MoEST and the British Council for publication in July 2022, with workshops and meetings held at provincial and federal levels with TVET experts and government officials.