" Education "

For the past couple of decades, the world has made enormous progress in the field of education, most notably at the basic level (UN SDG, 2015). The basic level is considered the first stage of formal education and provides core literacy and numeracy skills and helps to establish a strong foundation for students’ future learning and career trajectories. While literacy rates and enrollment...

Equitable Economy

" EE "

Financial institutions and market play an important role for healthy economic growth of a country. Combining well-proportioned and optimally regulated financial markets, institutions with a wide range of  financial products, and instruments catering to the  the needs of a wide spectrum of  customers helps to drive growth and help build shared prosperity. IDI works to build the ca...

Hospitality and Tourism

" HandT "

World Travel & Tourism Council’s research highlights tourism industry as the second fastest growing industry contributing $8.8 trillion to the global economy and creating 319 million jobs in 2018. Tourism is a dynamic industry that is beginning to cater to the needs of people with a wide range of needs and interests.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) adva...


" Research "

IDI helps leaders develop a deeper understanding in the field of economic development, human development, and governance. It offers a strong network of researchers and practitioners to help in decision making on critical management and policy issues. We engage in data based decisioning, monitoring and evaluation and develop analytical framework for study.

Effective Government Practice

" Govt "

Governments play a critical role in the in social and economic transformation of countries. Effective government performance is central to the creation of marketā€oriented economies, secure and productive population, and stable democratic institutions. Timely and relevant capacity building measures are key to improving Government   performance/ effectiveness. Evidence suggests that effectiv...

Policy Formulation and Advocacy

" Policy Formulation and Advocacy "

IDI has promoted advocacy by developing and working on number of programs on empowerment.  Advocacy is the act of speaking out for a cause. The aim of such advocacy is to influence decision-making at all levels, partnering with key stake holders and the creation of positive change for people and their environment. IDI and its associates have been very dedicated and are well recog...