Effective Government Practice

Governments play a critical role in the in social and economic transformation of countries. Effective government performance is central to the creation of marketā€oriented economies, secure and productive population, and stable democratic institutions. Timely and relevant capacity building measures are key to improving Government   performance/ effectiveness. Evidence suggests that effective performance in policy development, program delivery and maintaining high ethical standards are often driven by strong organizational cultures, ethical practices, transparency and effective communication. IDI has  developed and delivers high quality capacity building programs in these areas for local, state, federal and regional level.

IDI ongoing programs in the area of Effective Government

  • Training programs for court officials; judges; elected representatives and executives at local, state and federal level on taxation, budgeting, safety and security, city management, diplomacy
  • Climate change and environment
  • Port Management
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Procurement Management


  1. David Bulova
  2. Prof. Carl Levan
  3. Ambassador Charles Ray
  4. Ambassador Scott DeLisi
  5. Kiran Sitoula
  6. Ameen Habibi
  7. Durga Kunwar
  8. Beth Payne