International Development Institute (IDI) completed a remarkable year and is stepping into 2020 with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and a number of creative programs. Seeing as we are in the midst of the holiday season, we want to take time to be thankful and to reflect on our many accomplishments from this year.

First, thank you – our outstanding associates, faculty, partners, program participants, and alumni– for all that we have achieved together this year. We are a remarkable institution because of all of you. You challenge us to improve as an institution as well as remind us never to be complacent – to always strive for greater heights. You make this an exciting and dynamic place to learn and work. In the day-to-day shuffle of our work and project deadlines, we forget to take a step back and appreciate all of the many good things that have transpired at our beloved institute.​

In 2019, we delivered on our mission of promoting development through knowledge sharing and study tours. We executed several programs on Leadership Skills Development with a primary focus on Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Nepal. We developed partnership agreements and negotiated number of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to expand our programs with

  • Municipal Association of Nepal (MUAN)
  • St. Gregory High School and College, Bangladesh
  • Trans Himalayan Environment and Livelihood Program ( T-Help)
  • George Mason University, USA
  • International Students Career Success Roadmap, USA
  • Phillip Consulting, Nigeria

 We organized two successful STEAM camps and a school administrators’ training program in partnership with George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, Fairfax County Public School and Sidwell High School. In our constant drive for excellence in our programs, particularly in knowledge content, we successfully engaged a number of experts from the following institutions: The National Academy of Sciences (USA), Bank of America (USA), World Bank (USA), Main Street Bank (USA), National Cooperative Bank (USA), Municipal Association of Nepal (MUAN), George Mason University (USA), NASA (USA), INOVA Hospital (USA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB, Nepal), Soarway Foundation (USA), Four Season Travel and Tours (Nepal), UNDP (Nepal), National Federation of Disabled Nepal(NFDN), and Center for Independent Living (CIL, Nepal).

In 2019, IDI organized 20 training programs, 8 workshops/seminars, and nine other events in 2019. Over 425 leaders attended our training programs, 325 attended workshops and seminars. We continued to expand our capacity by building new teams to handle business prospects from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Nigeria, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, and the Gambia. Our goal is to increase the number of programs in 2020 and the number of participants in all our programs.

Our team is intensely committed to what we can deliver and fortifying our brand. We are looking forward in 2020 to expanding our work to several countries to enhance public service delivery and private sector effectiveness.

On January 6, 2020, IDI will be launching a redesigned website. The new website features more intuitive navigation; and a fresh look andfeel to each page. 

Finally, in this holiday season, we wish you and your families joy, warm memories and peace.

 -Team IDI

Our Flagship Programs for 2020

  1. Learning and Development:
    1. Anti-Money Laundering
    2. Best Practices in Risk Management in Financial Institutions
    3. Cooperative Management Leadership Program
    4. Court Management Leadership Program
    5. Global Banking Leadership Program
      • Banking Management and Executive Leadership
      • Anti-Money Laundering
      • FinTech
      • Strategy and Execution
      • Customer Centricity 
      • Disaster Management and Business Continuity Plan
    6. Global Cultural Leadership Program for High School Students
    7. Global Hospital Management Leadership Program
    8.  School Administration Leadership Program (SELP)
    9. Women Executive Leadership: Strategies to Success (WELSS)
    10. Global Hospital Administration Leadership Program
    11. Global Hospitality and Tourism Management Program
    12. Life After Bench Program for Judges
    13. Port Authority Executive Leadership Program
    14. Train the Trainer
  2. Policy Formation and Advocacy
    1. Accessible Tourism
    2. Capacity Building for School Performance
    3. Best Practices in Multi shift Operations
  3. Research and Consultancy
    1. Capacity Building for School Performance
    2. Port Authority Management

For additional information, please visit our website or email us at