International Development Institute (IDI), headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, is a leading training and capacity building provider. IDI works closely with public and private clients in assessing their institutional needs and in developing programs to address them. In over 15 years of existence, IDI has trained thousands of participants from around the world.

IDI has developed a number of flagship programs for financial institutions, health care, education, government management, energy, port management, telecommunications, public procurement, public private partnership (PPP), and hospitality and tourism sectors.

  • We provide capacity building and institutional strengthening programs through short-term courses, projects, training, workshops, and study tours and consulting.
  • Our world class courses and programs are focused on strengthening human and institutional capacity through partnerships with institutions around the world.

Participants from over 25 countries from all continents have been trained by IDI.

IDI also brings technical expertise in a number of areas to provide consultancy services in research, program development and implementation.