Study Tours and Exchange

International Development Institute operates the International Study Travel-Service Learning Program. The program complements curriculum and provides students with a unique experience that combines knowledge and first-hand experiences to produce globally minded, career-focused citizens. Students must be in good standing with their teachers to participate in this program. All of our program will give live-in experience. The programs are focused on:

  1. Volunteer Services: High School and Under Graduate students are placed for community development and other services in Nepal. These exciting opportunities includes working in health care, business incubators, internship at orphanage, women empowerment and other fields.
  2. Music Ambassador Program: The program is highly customized for High School orchestra and band to travel to Nepal and work jointly with International acclaimed Nepali conductors and music students and give national performances in Nepal. This program is an excellent opportunity for American students serve as ambassadors and promote peace through common language of music.
  3. Executive Retreat: The program is customized for your business or company. A combination of yoga, meditation, and chanting at monastery with adventure of exploring Nepal through its mountains, dense forests, and wild animal park helps stimulate personal and organizational growth.

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All of our program also gives participants an opportunity to explore naturally beautiful Nepal through trekking in the foothills and out skirts of Nepal. 

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