Stem Program in American Universities

This unique program offers:

–Gaining life time experience by gaining US University Campus experience for a week

–Hands on experience at American University

–Focus on:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

–Access to word class computer science, biology and other science lbs and interaction with University faculties and researchers.

The STEM Accelerator program is created with a focus on:

  • Developing critical thinking
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Helping understanding the STEM workforce
  • Helping understand “entrepreneurship” as its an end game of STEM.
  • Hands on experience in world class laboratories

Once you determine you are a creative, insightful, problem-solving leader, how do you let the world know about it?   Through Entrepreneurship.

Our tentative schedule for the program is as below. It is subject to change.

# # of Days Description
1. One Arrive in Washington, DC
2. Two-Six Attend STEM Program at University
3. Seven Washington, DC- Smithsonian
4. Eight Sight seeing in Washington, DC
5. Nine World Bank and Sight seeing in Washington, DC
6, Ten Philadelphia: Birth place of American Democracy
7. Eleven Philadelphia
8. Twelve New York City
9. Thirteen New York City
10. Fourteen NY- Depart for Kathmandu

Please contact us via email to schedule a group and get pricing details.