Hospitality and tourism management

Area for the Project

Destination Vevelopment, Promotion, Recovery Plan, Green Tourism and Climate Financing


Nepal, USA
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Audit
  • Digitization

Our Hospitality and Tourism Management program focuses on

  1. Comprehensive Tourism Plan
  2. Green Financing and Tourism
  3. Agro-Tourism
  4. Heritage Tourism
  5. Destination Development and Promotion
  6. Trail and other audits
  7. Training and Capacity Building
  8. Promoting Accessible Tourism


Over the past five years, we have collaborated on several tourism initiatives, working closely with the hotel industry, transportation, tour operators, colleges, government tourism organizations, local municipalities, and donor agencies.

We have offered very customized services to each of our initiatives. We successfully engaged municipalities from Asia, Europe, and Africa to share their experiences and initiatives on recovering tourism from the pandemic. We organized several webinars connecting tourism experts from over 18 countries.

Currently, we are working on health protocols, endemic management, green financing, climate change, and destination development with the World Bank, governments, and several private foundations.