Global School Administration Leadership Program

Area for the Project


School leadership is now an education policy priority around the world. Increased school autonomy and a greater focus on schooling and school results have made it essential to reconsider the role of school leaders. There is much room for improvement to professionalize school leadership, to support current school leaders and to make school leadership an attractive career for future participants. The ageing of current principals and the widespread shortage of qualified participants to replace them after retirement make it imperative to take action.

The training program will include:

  • Learning what it means to infuse your school’s mission within your work as a Division Head
  • Developing an effective team of and to deliver your division’s education with excellence
  • Hiring, evaluating, and coaching faculty and staff to foster professional growth and a positive school culture 
  • Managing the pressures felt by students, teachers, and parents in an increasingly competitive college counseling landscape
  • Supporting your school’s priorities and programs through your daily schedule and academic calendar using innovative scheduling strategies
  • Use of technology in education
  • Empathetically and constructively handling challenging situations and conversations with colleagues, students, and parents to prune budding problems before they blossom into major conflicts
  • Identifying prioritized goals for the first few weeks, opening months, and for the full academic year

Who Should Attend

School Principals and Administrators should attend.

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