Hospitality and Tourism Management

Our Hospitality and Tourism Management program focuses on

  1. Training and consulting
  2. Promoting Accessible Tourism

Training and Consulting

IDI has developed very structured and strong training program focusing on the four key areas in the guest experience -- pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy, and departure.  The program focuses on hotel operations and the management and staff training; tour operating agencies; transportation and other agencies. It focuses on engaging customers and giving them the best experiences from arrival till departure.

In addition, our training also focuses on learning use of customer behavioral data and other channels in decision making for better marketing decisions. IDI also organizes study tours and executives programs in the USA, Dubai, Thailand and Turkey.

Accessible Tourism

IDI has partnered with number of key organizations in advocating and promoting accessible tourism. It has developed number of awareness programs as well. It has played key role in facilitating and advocating accessible trekking trails in Nepal. It organizes periodic awareness talk programs. In 2016, a wounded warriors trek to Nepal was a major event organized by IDI followed by an International Conference on Accessible Adventure in Pokhara (Nepal).