Port Management

Port Authority Executive Leadership Program is custom designed program focusing on strategic vision to tactical execution for Port Authority of Nigeria. Shipping industry is going thru a “sea change”. It is imperative that Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) stays ahead in the game to navigate the challenges of coming times resulting from these mega trends. From shipbuilding to cargo routes to the future of seafaring, the maritime sector continues to evolve in response to economic, political, demographic, and technological trends. Understanding these trends is critical to improving the performance of the industry’s capital investment as well as operational efficiency, and provides the backdrop for successful long-term business strategy. This will be a high-level practical and immersive program where participants engage in exercise in defining and designing the strategic vision for the NPA. Executives will interact with industry experts and analyze the current trends, forecast future trends and design future course of actions.

During this leadership program, participants will engage in intense discussion to develop a strategic vision. The vision will have to be supported by various tactical steps to achieve the vision. Various action plans to achieve the vision will be discussed and designed. It will include but not limited to communicating the vision, creating and enabling the leaders, optimal use of technological advances and data analytics. Proactive response to the industry trends of excess capacity, rate volatility and consolidation will be analyzed. The external geo-political factors that will impact the industry will be taken into account. Proposed attendees are General Managers and Directors who are involved in leading, planning, organizing, motivating large teams.

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