Public Procurement Management

The World Bank Group along with other multilateral funding agencies is funding more than 100 billion dollars every year for undertaking various developmental projects. In almost all the projects procurement function plays an important role in completing the project on time, within the budgeted cost and to a desired level of quality to accomplish ‘Best value for the Money’.

The World Bank has introduced new Procurement Policy and Regulations effective from July 1, 2016 for all projects that are financed by the Bank after July 2016. The new Procurement Policy presented a major shift in conducting procurement under Bank financed projects.  Core principles of procurement in Bank funded projects have been expanded to include the principles of Value for Money, Integrity and Fit for Purpose in addition to Economy, Efficiency, Transparency and Fairness.

This training program will cover the main features of the Procurement Policy and Regulations including detailed coverage of various procurement and consultant hiring procedures approved selection methods / market approaches, the PPSD preparation, STEP and associated RFPs, procurement documents.

The World Bank encourages the dissemination of its Procurement Regulations and usage of its standard procurement documents in its funded projects.  Project Management Units/Agencies may sponsor participants using funds from technical assistance or capacity building components under their projects.  Interested officials are encouraged to discuss with their Project Directors for further details.  To enhance the learning value of the program, the design of the program has been made interactive through a good mix of case studies and experience sharing. Highly well-known accredited trainers and specialists of The World Bank with rich experience will conduct sessions, case studies and exercises.

We suggest that you nominate officials from your project or organization to participate in the program. Please find herein the brochure of the program for your kind information and perusal.  You may like to use copies of the nomination form to nominate multiple officials from your project or organization. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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