Public Private Partnership

Our public-private partnerships (PPPs) program allows public sector to integrate with private sector and benefit from their entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and efficiencies. The number of PPP classes combine theory and practice to prepare our participants to develop strong foundations.

What to expect
All of our program participants shall be able to :

  • Use the knowledge and skills to articulate and implement PPP in their organization;
  • Understand project profitability and affordability;
  • Develop strong framework for control, corruption, conflicts and arbitration;
  • Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement;
  • PPP Project Management and Implementation;
  • Structuring strong legal agreements and contract management;
  • Legal Framework and Dispute Resolution; and
  • Customized programs as needed.

Target Audience
This program is open to any professional from private or public sector.

For additional information, write to

Team Lead
David Baxter