Banking Executive Leadership Program

The financial services industry has gone through unprecedented change. Dynamic sector by nature, it demands senior-level bankers, executives and regulators to gain new levels of agility, decision-making skills, oversight and expects flawless execution. By far, it has to be one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. The International Development Institute has developed a number of Executive Programs in Financial industry to develop and expand their skills in strategy, leadership and enterprise financial management. This program is designed to give our participants, the business and leadership skills to add value to their institution and optimize their potential. Your participation is an unmatched opportunity to build relationships with colleagues and faculty that will serve you. The program will highlight international best practices on the development of financial sector around the world. In addition, this program will focus on lessons learned and successful programs and policies adopted in the US in development in financial sector at federal, state and local government level.

Participants’ survey will be conducted approximately two weeks before program start date so that all the participants’ expectations could be addressed and such topics could be incorporated in the program. A round table discussion focusing on issues identified by participants will conclude the program. The program is also committed to build network through its alumni.

What do we offer

The proposed programs offer:

  • Methods for bringing finance perspective to your bank’s strategic planning and risk management activities
  • Leadership frameworks for professional growth and fostering a value-adding culture in your team
  • A network of peers with whom you’ve shared a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Framework and International Financial Compliance

Intended Audience

This program is designed for current and rising bank finance executives looking to develop and expand their skills in strategy, leadership and enterprise financial management. Potential participants should have significant experience and financial responsibilities within banking institutions, such as Senior Executives of Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks, Development Banks and Finance Companies.