NASA Tour Program

IDI offers an exciting NASA Tour Package for High School students. Students get a chance to explore, experience and interact through space shuttle mission simulations. It’s an enriching experience that comes once in a lifetime. It gives student an exposure to adventure to space.

The tentative schedule for NASA program appears as below:

# # of Days Description
1. One Arrive in New York, NY
2. Two New York City Tour
3. Three New York City Tour
4. Four Niagra Falls
5. Five Niagra Falls, depart for Washington, DC
6, Six Museums and Monuments in Washington, DC
7. Seven Museums and Monuments in Washington, DC
7. Eight Depart for Orlando, Florida
8. Nine-Eleven NASA
9. Twelve Relax in Orlando
10. Thirteen Depart Orlando

Please contact us via email to schedule a group and get pricing details.