The World Bank’s Procurement Policies and Procedures

International Development Institute (lDl) is conducting a series of 10 virtual classes on the World Bank’s Procurement Policies and Procedures in collaboration and consultation with Public Sector Procurement (PSP) experts from September 27-October 8, 2021. Registration and Nomination Form CLICK HERE, to register and/or nominate in our upcoming training on “World Bank Procurement Methods”. You can also […]


Green Procurement Strategies and Practices for Sustainable Development

Springfield, VA (USA) 6564 Loisdale Ct, Suite 600, Springfield, VA, United States

Public Sector Procurement (PSP) experts at International Development Institute (IDI) are conducting five days of training on Green Public Procurement for Sustainable Development in Greater Washington, DC (USA) from July 10-14, 2023. Please click here for Registration Download Brochure WHY THIS PROGRAM? There needs to be more practical knowledge on incorporating Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) […]