Explore Himalayas

Explore Himalayas: An Accessible Tourism Experience in Nepal

We organize a 2 weeks Trek Nepal program for a group of 15-20 athletes and/or wounded heroes. The customized program focuses on trekking and sight seeing for amputees with prosthetic legs with the help of experienced trekkers and guides.

The program has been a breakthrough in accessible tourism in Nepal. We are expecting it to open up a new sub tourism sector. It will not just generate a social awareness in Nepal and build corporate social responsibilities in the hotel, restaurant, transportation, airport and other sectors to serve such specific group. We plan to organize an awareness program in collaboration with Nepali disability associations in the presence of our group of tourists. A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals with specialty skills in Prosthetics, Rehabilitation and Emergency Medicine will accompany the group.

Since December 2015, we have been organizing quarterly talk programs to bring awareness in accessible tourism in Nepal. We have been working with Nepal Tourism Board, Hoteliers, Tour Operators and other organizations of people with disabilities to make an impact.

Our Partners:

Nepal Tourism Board, Etihad Airlines, Soarway Foundation, Operation Namaste and Four Season Travel and Tours and AERO Nepal.

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