Custom Program

In addition to our annually planned off-the-shelf training programs, IDI designs, develops and delivers customized training courses, workshops and activities for governments, donors, NGOs, and private institutions worldwide. These programs are organized at time, place and topics as requested by the clients.  Customized training is extremely beneficial when trying to achieve tangible and rapid results in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of participants. Customized training allows organizations to tailor programs to all levels of management, including the direct implementers of programs and projects, thereby expediting the change processes desired by the client. Additionally, topical areas that are of priority to an organization are targeted during the program, thus ensuring relevancy of the training at all times.

Our extensive experience in training design and delivery means we can provide every client with a custom-designed training solution.  Whether you want to discuss your overall needs or are thinking of a specific program, study-visits, observation-tours and training needs analysis (TNA), please do get in touch with us. Together we can identify exactly what will work best and then design, develop and deliver a program for your organization.  Program can be delivered in your own country or at our international training affiliates’ center in Toronto (Canada), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, London (United Kingdom), Johannesburg (South Africa) at a time convenient for you. We may also be able to offer our custom-designed courses in languages other than English. Please contact us for more information