Global STEM Scholars Program- Cohort 2, 2020

11 May, 2020 Monday Washington, DC

Global Issue and Capstone Project:

  • Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups to complete and present on a research activity based on a real-world, global challenge.
  • Students will be assigned in small groups of 4-5 students, based on total numbers participating.
  • Each group will spin one color wheel that has a mix of global STEM challenges, followed by a second wheel that identifies a tool for address the issue. For example, solve “global warming” using “drones”.
  • Each small group would be responsible for conducting research and proposing a concept that utilizes the tool to address the global issue.
  • A student facilitator or two will work with each group to assist with the research and design.
  • Students will prepare a poster explaining their global challenge and tool, their concept and hypothesis.
  • Students will present their posters at a capstone presentation on the final Friday.

STEM Sessions:

Students will engage in four, interactive STEM lectures with hands-on activities spanning various STEM fields.

Session 1: Biology

Session 2: Computational & Data Sciences

Session 3: Physics and Environmental Sciences

Session 4: Applied Mathematics

Bridge to Mason Sessions:

Students will engage in three sessions to provide skills and tools required for successful undergraduate study in the United States.

  • STEM Career Awareness
  • Academic Success Skills
  • International Admissions 101 (what students need to know to successfully matriculate at Mason)

Other Possible Content Sessions:

  • Students will receive an in-depth tour of the Fenwick Library and an orientation to conducting scholarly research, followed by small-group time to research their project and design their concept and hypothesis. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Fenwick Library)
  • STEM Career Session: students will engage in a career session outlining opportunities for career development while at Mason, including internships and OPT.
  • International Student Panel

Recreational Sessions:

Participants will engage in a daily recreational session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, to include time at the Corner Pocket, hiking around Mason’s trail system, or other recreational activities planned for the group.

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